We’re just a small company who loves what we do! One of our passions has always been tapping into our creativity. Technology allows us to take it a step further. The inception of the drone has given us an entirely new canvas. So whether the project entails capturing marketing material for real estate, documenting a company event, or even inspecting a radio tower, our meticulous standards will deliver you a polished product.


This is what we use to capture and create

Our Gear

DJI Inspire 2

Next Gen Tech in Our Hands

DJI’s Inspire 2 brings the next generation of film and drone technology into our hands. By utilizing the absolute best quality in drone and filming equipment, Gone Drone Video is able to bring you the absolute best quality in video production.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The Future of Possible

DJI continues to impress with each new release of their innovative technology. We utilize their latest advancement in the drone genre with the Phantom 4 Pro. With the ability to capture 20 megapixel images and up to 4k HD video, we can make your project truly stand out from the rest.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Fuel Your Creative Passion

Let’s not forget about traditional photography. By using the best in DSLR cameras, we will capture your project’s beauty with all the resolution it deserves.



DJI Osmo

Reimagine Movement

Imagine handheld video that does not shake. That remains steady no matter how much you move. The DJI Osmo brings that concept to life by allowing us to capture perfect high resolution photos and high definition video like never before.



Adobe Media Suite

With the entire Adobe Suite at our disposal, we have the capability, knowledge, skill , and experience to create an engaging product for you that is polished to its best potential.

Dream Much?

So do we. Let us help you find that perfect shot. We are artistic by nature and truly enjoy tapping into our creative resources. Life is about adventure, challenges, and enjoyment. We believe in recognizing that and capturing the experience as best as we can.